RK Live - Let's Learn It Together JS30


A live and free frictionless experience to completing JS30.

From Sept 17-Dec 27 - We'll be going through Wes Bos' JS30.
Dates: Every Tuesday (6:00pm PT) and Friday (6:00pm PT)
Public Calendar Add to your calendar (ics. file)

  • 01-02: Sept 17 (Tues) & Sept 20 (Fri)
  • 03-04: Sept 24 (Tues) & Sept 27 (Fri)
  • 05-06: Oct 01 (Tues) & Oct 04 (Fri)
  • 07-08: Oct 08 (Tues) & Oct 11 (Fri)
  • 09-10: Oct 15 (Tues) & Oct 18 (Fri)
  • 11-12: Oct 22 (Tues) & Oct 25 (Fri)
  • 13-14: Oct 29 (Tues) & Nov 01 (Fri)
  • 15-16: Nov 05 (Tues) & Nov 08 (Fri)
  • 17-18: Nov 12 (Tues) & Nov 15 (Fri)
  • 19-20: Nov 19 (Tues) & Nov 22 (Fri)
  • 21-22: Nov 26 (Tues) & Nov 29 (Fri)
  • 23-24: Dec 03 (Tues) & Dec 06 (Fri)
  • 25-26: Dec 10 (Tues) & Dec 13 (Fri)
  • 27-28: Dec 17 (Tues) & Dec 20 (Fri)
  • 29-30: Dec 24 (Tues) & Dec 27 (Fri)

How does this work

Coursera, FreeCodeCamp, Wes Bos material.

If you're like me, (and I wrote a post about it) you put a bunch of free self-paced learning material in your backlog for that weekend when you have the free time.

Will you ever get to it?

If the answer is NO - you're not alone. In 2018, 7% of MOOC students finished their training. Why? My background in higher education shows me that after two weeks, student motivation drops as their interest level wanes, and they push their online training to the side.

It's not just motivation!

Motivation is just a piece of it. There's also accountability, having support, and reducing as many barriers to entry as possible to getting to the good stuff. 

MOOCs have abysmal success rates because they don't have those systems, while expensive colleges/bootcamps are suceeding. 

Because frankly, to provide motivation, accountability, support, and a frictionless experience -- IS EXPENSIVE. 

What if I can bake all of that into this -- for free?

STEP 1: Sign up for reminders/Add the dates to your calendar.
STEP 2: Click the link to join the zoom room/video chat (still working on which one).
STEP 3: Get your work done.

How the average 1.5 hour session looks like.

-5 minutes of quick introduction and shout outs.
-45 minutes of working through the material,
watching the video together and trying to solve things.
(Could go longer if needed)
-10 minutes for any final Q&A/support.

We are in this TOGETHER.

Need Motivation?

We're all here to help you succeed. After completing an exercise, fill out the completion form, and your name will appear on the scoreboard for the world know.

It's not a race to the top. ANYBODY can get the max points. We're in this together, and we'll show you what's possible.

Need Accountability?

There set up tools to remind you of the events. Email reminders and text message reminders. These tools will help you keep on track and get you back in the loop.

Need more? Here's a blog post with more tips. [link]

Need Support

Stuck on Step 2 while everyone has moved on? This is why it's live. We can troubleshoot problems live, and learn together and support each other.

This is a safe environment to practice and learn, and everyone is here to help you succeed.

Can't even start?

I've been there! This is why this site has no log-in, no password, no anything. It's a frictionless experience.

You'll get the reminders, join at the date/time, click on the link, and you're in!

Let's do it!

Submit your work

How-to on Homework Submission

Fill out the form, and it'll populate the data into the spreadsheet below!

Submitting is optional. But I highly encourage that you do.

This is by the honor system. This is a tool to help keep yourself accountable.

New options for homework are unlocked the day of the live call. Example: Day 3 will appear as an option when we're on Day 3.

Finally, please note that this is a learning environment with an international audience. If your submission is in any does not support the learning environment, it will be removed. We're all here to learn and help each other. Thanks!


How to use the Scoreboard

Use the tabs at the bottom to navigate between the Scoreboard References/links & form Submission.

Feeling left behind? Missed some days? Don't feel discouraged. With elbow grease and some time, you can push forward and catch up with the rest of the class. This is not a race, but a journey, and we're on your side to help you!

See something wrong/offensive? Tweet me at @RockyKev

About Section

This is right for me if...

  • I'm having trouble finishing a course.
  • I'm open to getting help/support.
  • I could use some tips on motivation.
  • I'm willing to try.

This isn't right for me if...

  • I'm perfect and complete things I commit to.
  • I put people down to rise myself up.
  • I'm a rockstar developer and want to show off.
  • I don't need help.


What kind of material are we going through?

For this round, we'll be exploring Wes Bos JS30

I may do future sessions on other content. Overall, I'll be looking to ensure that all the material is:
1) Free.
2) High quality.
3) Have a clear transformation.

Using Google Forms/Spreadsheets for data tracking? That seems insecure. I'd prefer a login.

I went back and forth between setting up a Member's Area LMS platform with all the fancy widgets, or just being MVP. In the end, I feel a friction-less experience is more important than anything.

The scoreboard is simple just to show progress.

And while somebody can casually use your UserName and submit, it's a small price to make it easy.

My thinking, if a troll happen to visit for every session for 15 weeks, then maybe they too will gain out of it.

So no login. Treat this more like a 'jump-in, jump-out' meet up, rather than a Member's Only club.

I missed a day, and I feel terrible. Should I continue?

Keep going. There's a rule in our household.


You can forget to do a daily chore.
You can miss a day.

But never twice.

Pick yourself up, and get back on the horse. If you're feeling like crap -- read some material on Motivation.

Is there a community/Slack/forum I can join?

Not right now, and I'm leaning towards no.

There is a value to community, but it adds a layer of friction that goes against the goals of the site. The goal of [WEBSITE] is to focus for 1.5 hours live.

I may open the door to a frictionless forum.

I'm in [another part of the world]. The times don't work. Can you fix that?

With an international audience, it's impossible to find a time that works for everyone.

But -- I've had students who woke up at 3am in Austraila to attend my paid classes. I've also had students who negotiated with their work and showed up during their lunch.

If it's important - you'll make time for it.

But I know sometimes life does get in the way. If so --
1) There are recordings. It's not the same and you'll miss out on it live.
2) You are also invited to the training yourself and jump in next time!

What makes you qualified to do this?

I have a background in online education and persuading people to do things. I've used my powers for marketing ( "Buy more stuff!" ), for online education( "Finish that lesson!" ), and by speaking at conferences ( "Learn this thing!" ).

I'm going to use my powers for good to help you finish.

You're going all the way through the holidays in December?

Yep! During this time, I'll also be attending conferences, working, teaching, going to class, taking care of my family, and all sorts of things.

If it's important, you'll make time, even if it's during the holidays.

I too will sacrifice my time to doing this. If my sacrifice of an hour helps even a handful of students learn, then I'm happy!

How much does it cost?

It's free.

Just like the content creators who made the course material. 

Like FREE. I'm not collecting emails (except to send you reminders/notifications), which I'm setting up a workflow to destroy emails after x period of time. I'm not going to upsell you into anything.

The only thing I'm selling you is getting you to the finish line.

Want to thank me? You can always pay for my coffee! I'd appreciate it!

So... What is in it for you?

For me - this is personal accountability. I need to be here just like you do. I love teaching, and I love working with other smart people to do cool things.

I'm willing to invested my time/energy/experience to set this up, pay for the technology, and build all the systems.

And while I can totally go through JS30 on my own - with a slightly smaller investment of resources, I can make a bigger impact on the world and help change the future of education.

And who knows? Maybe this experiment turns out awesome and gets adopted all over the globe!